Wednesday, 25. December 2013

Christian Lapel Pins: A Silent Way to Demonstrate Faith

Custom lapel pins are becoming more and more popular among men and women of faith as a means to demonstrate their religion to others in a positive, understated way. Many people have discovered such lapel pins are an excellent way to witness to others they meet every day.

Many Christian symbols are suitable for Christians lapel pins. The most common is, of course, the cross, the ultimate symbol of faith for the devout Christian. But other symbols, including fish, praying hands, angels and more also make excellent testaments to the wearer's abiding faith. Holiday pins such as Christmas trees, Stars of Bethlehem and special Easter crosses also are popular. A reputable custom lapel pin supplier can help create a custom pin that best represents the wearer's devotion to God.

Christian lapel pins can be pinned on clothing, caps, backpacks, or many other items. Some people choose to collect lapel pins as a hobby and Christian pins are a respected segment of the hobby.

Churches often like to use lapel pins to showcase their congregation members. The pins can demonstrate membership in the church or in specialized subgroups such as the choir, the building committee or even specific small groups. The talented graphic artists of a good pin supplier can help produce a custom design that will be perfect for any church, no matter how large or small.

Many companies have designed custom lapel pins of all kinds for other organizations including youth sports teams, civic groups and fraternal organizations, so they will have plenty of experience in pin design. They will be happy to help any church create Christian lapel pins for identification, special event or church fundraising programs.

Christian lapel pins can be manufactured in cloisonne, silk screened, soft enamel, die struck or photo etched styles. Each style has its pros and cons for particular usages.

Cloisonne pins are the highest quality available. These fine jewelry-quality pins are die-struck, then filled with a glass-like mixture of hard enamel and individually fired at high temperatures to ensure the longest durability. Because the manufacturing process is so complex, cloisonne lapel pins are the most expensive custom lapel pin type.

Very similar visually to the cloisonne pins, soft enamel lapel pins are more affordable, because colors are made from soft enamel and fired at a lower temperature. These are the most popular style for sports trading pins.

Die-struck lapel pins have no added color. The pins are stamped from a die, and feature recessed areas which have a grainy appearance, and raised areas polished to a high shine. This pin style is common for U.S. military pins and offers a classic, elegant look well suited to Christian lapel pins.

Photo etched lapel pins are the most economical lapel pin style. Because they are made of thinner metal, they are not as durable as other types.

No matter what style of Christian lapel pin you want, a reputable custom lapel pin provider can guide you to the right choice for your church or individual need.

Monday, 23. December 2013

Custom Cloisonne Lapel Pins

Original and hand-made custom Cloisonne lapel pins are more than signage; they are enduring symbols of business ideals and aspirations. If you want to create a lasting impression for your business, then you need to invest Cloisonne. The beauty of Cloisonne lies in the fact that it fits well in a number of scenarios from product launch to public events. You can also use them skillfully to reinforce your brand, or award you staff. Here are compelling reasons why you should invest in timeless artworks from The Pin People.

Custom Cloisonne Lapel Pins Rich Legacy!

The history and legacy of Cloisonne is punctuated by royal beauty that dates back to the 13th century. These skillfully crafted pins were used in ancient China to create elegant vases and other artworks for emperors. Bronze was used in the Ming Dynasty to enhance the quality of Cloisonne, a process which The Pin People has perfected today!
Cloisonne lapel pins are best suited for designs that require contrasting or separate colors. You can use them with great success as recognition or reward pins because of their inherent value. Some of the fantastic metal-plating color options include highly polished gold, silver, and black nickel Cloisonne. The beauty and majesty of Cloisonne lies is encapsulated in:
1) smooth and jewel like finish
2) higher perceived value
3) custom designs and sizes
4) elegant and matching colors

Custom Cloisonne Lapel Pins – The Manufacturing Process

The Pin People considers the design and production of Cloisonne a participatory process. We give customers the freedom to select a metal sheet and colors of your choice. Most importantly, the design and production team pay close attention to the design, styling, and production of Cloisonne pins. Our craftsmen work meticulously to create durable Cloisonne pins. Each pin is carefully filled with Cloisonne paste, kiln-fired, inspected, and polished to a jewel luster. We use glass resins to give each pin a hard, shiny, and elegant look.

Wednesday, 18. December 2013

History of the (NWAAC) Lapel Pins

For the past several years we have been honored to create lapel pins for the Northwest Antique Airplane Club (NWAAC). The club which was originally founded in 1959 but because of the National Antique Airplane Association's lack of legal protection as well as a requirement for approval for club airshows, it withdrew from the National organization in 1962 and formed the Northwest Antique Airplane Club. The original membership began at about forty, and has grown to over three hundred. The NWAAC has since extended Honorary Life Memberships; to OX-5 members, Les Tomlinson recipients, and Past Presidents.
Creating Custom Pins for the NWAAC
The pin that we created has the club's initials of NWAAC along with text that reads, "51st Year". It is vibrant red in color, circular in design and features a bold image of a propeller. Anyone looking at the lapel pin will know that it is airplane related. The classic appearance and personal message is what makes it so visually appealing. That's the beauty behind custom pins. They can be made in any way that our customers see fit. That means they can be soft enamel, cloisonne, die struck or offset printed. They can be small, medium or large sized. They can be standard shaped or custom shaped depending on your preference. This ensures that your club is properly represented through the use of the lapel pins.
Portability is Part of a Custom Pin's Appeal
Part of the appeal of lapel pins is their portability. They are easy to carry from one location to the next and members of a club have no problem wearing their own pins to different events and meetings. This allows the public to see them and ask questions about the club. This is one way to recruit new members. It is also a great way to fundraise. If you want others to support your airplane club, you'll take the time to get the word out about it each and every opportunity that you have.
A Logo or Image Helps With Branding
Lapel pins often feature a logo or image of some sort. Choose one that reflects your club, its members, and its values. This will allow you to convey a message to the public in a real and measurable way. In fact, this can help recruit you some fans as most people in the community may not know about your airplane club and love for flying. If you want an items that starts conversations, you may want to order custom lapel pins.

Tuesday, 17. December 2013

Coast Guard Lapel Pins

Coast Guard is the maritime police, but its structure and functions, police this armed forces can’t instead, called a paramilitary force. It is mainly in charge of a country all along the coast guard, patrol, law enforcement and other tasks, is a militarization of law enforcement teams. A special arms, it performs life-saving, protecting state property, enforce the law, the implementation of the task of scientific investigation and safeguarding national security.

The United States is the country of the earliest formation of the Coast Guard, U.S. Coast Guard is the originator of all Coast Guard is the only law enforcement agencies of the United States at sea, is the world's most powerful maritime law enforcement team. U.S. Coast Guard is one of the five U.S. armed forces, but also one of today's largest ministry of the U.S. federal government - the Department of Homeland Security division.

Above is the introduction about Coast Guard. When soldiers join or retired, they can get the souvenir: Coast Guard lapel pins or Coast Guard challenge coins. These are the big honor and unforgettable gifts for them. Until now the six primary soldier lapel pins are produced. They are army lapel pins, military lapel pins, navy lapel pins, Air Forces lapel pins, Marine Corps lapel pins and Cost Guard lapel pins. This one same design as the logo of Coast Guard, background color is the blue sea, white color in center. With words of: "UNITED STATES COAST GUARD 1790" and "SEMPER PARATUS".

Saturday, 14. December 2013

Christian Lapel Pins Help Church Members Keep the Faith

Church members of all denominations enjoy creating and wearing custom lapel pins as a way of showing faith in their religion. These small pieces of identification often come in the shape of a cross or a dove of peace and include details about a house of worship, its members, and location.

Because of their popularity, stock lapel pins are sometimes hard to come by. If your Christian group finds it hard to locate the image that they are looking for, let them know that all of the artwork that we create is custom. That means that they can take a common symbol and add their own personal flare to it. This option allows your group to create lapel pins that reflect Christian values but that are personal and memorable as well. Now, that's something worth considering as an option for your group's next event or fundraiser!

Rich in Symbolism

Religious lapel pins are symbolic in nature. At first glance, a person can see the message behind them. Cross pins in particular are very popular. Christians view the symbol as being holy. That is why they use it rather exclusively. Originally used as an ornamental symbol, it adopted a religious connotation as Christianity was slowly introduced to the world.

Taking a Standard Image and Making It Your Own

Lapel pin makers like Lapel Pins CN enjoy taking a common image like a picture of a church or a Bible and transforming it into something unique for our customers. For example, instead of being a plain black Holy Book, it can have flecks of gold glitter in it.
Another version of a unique religious lapel pin has hinges on the spine of the book so that the pin opens and closes when the latch is released. The sky is virtually the limit when it comes to all of the design options that we make available to you. From unique sizes and shapes to incredible add-ons like simulated gemstones and dangling charms, there are plenty of ways to make your gold cross lapel pin stand out.

For Church Functions, Fundraisers, and Fellowship

Christian lapel pins are perfect for church functions, fundraisers, and fellowship events. Despite their small size, they have a mighty mission. Cross lapel pins serve as a reminder of the basis of the religion. People from every type of religious background recognize the symbol and associate it with Christians and Christianity. This is especially important at events where there is mixed company.

Christian jewelry for women and men tends to be very popular. Custom lapel pins have a jewelry-like quality about them. People of all ages can appreciate the thought and craftsmanship that goes into creating crosses, churches, and peace doves that can be worn on clothing and hats.

Thursday, 12. December 2013

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Wednesday, 11. December 2013

Custom Lapel Pins

Custom lapel pins are among the most cost effective and interestingly attractive promotional tools in the market today. Whether it will be used for promoting a small organization or raising awareness sponsored by a multi-national conglomerate, custom lapel pins are very affordable to subtly convey the message to a particular audience. This can be used for fund raising and is also an excellent way to show pride in sports or any achievement garnered by a group or an individual. However, custom pins and custom challenge coins are not only for effective promotional tool. There are several uses for custom pins which can be used by any organization or group.

For example, youths today who are very much enamored with sports use trading pins. This is a growing hobby collection that a lot of teenagers and even adults are getting into. When you see your collections grow into a pile it will certainly bring great pride and joy. Aside from being used in hobby collections, custom pins can also be utilized to show support for a particular cause. If an organization or a company is promoting a specific cause, using a custom lapel pin with the logo and message of the cause will help raise awareness in a more direct way. It can also be used as a souvenir to remember the occasion.

One of the best place to buy or order custom lapel pins is the internet. There are lots of online retailers who would be more than delighted to make the best custom lapel pin for whatever your organization’s needs are. Depending on your preferences, custom lapel pins can be made from various types of materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and brass among others. This can also be designed using different molding and coloring methods based on the graphic design you submitted. You can also order for custom challenge coins.

Challenge coins are usually used to commemorate famous incidents or to offer special prestige to individuals in recognition of their excellent achievement or great contribution in the community. In essence, custom challenge coins are used to offer honor and a mark of respect and are collected by a lot of people. There is a possibility that this system of honoring an individual became popular during the first half of the twentieth century. Before, challenge coins were used with custom decorations and were presented to people who are serving in the army or revered leaders of an organization or a community.

At present, challenge coins became a symbol for commemorating something important that happened or to show support to a particular person or an organization. There are many online retailers that offer custom made challenge pins which can be ordered via the internet. You can get a free estimate or service quote to find out how much it will cost to order for a particular number of custom pins or challenge coins. By ordering it online, you can be able to select several vendors that can provide you with a service that will match your preferences.

Friday, 6. December 2013

Selecting The Best Lapel Pins

Lapel pins are small badges, which many people wear at the collar of their jackets or the lapel. There are several lapels pins variations in Australia. Some of them include custom made lapel pins, custom lapel pins and corporate lapel pins. Many people wear these small ornaments as decorations or to show their affiliation to a certain cause.

Lapel pins had their beginnings during the American civil war. Back then, the soldiers used these ornaments so that they could differentiate the different units fighting the war. These small ornaments played a vital role in helping the soldiers stay organized. With these ornaments, they could also have a sense of solidarity, which enabled them to work as a team. This tradition went on for many years after the war. This is because many families use them as family emblems. Some people use them as souvenirs, while others collect them and keep them as collectibles.

Many people wear these items as decorative items on their coats. With this in mind, many manufacturers minimize the visibility of the fasteners when people wear them. These ornaments have a metallic pin which connects them to the cloth. This design allows the user to display the pin in an appealing way. Since there are various such items in the market, buyers should consider which ones bring out their taste and style before buying them. There are also some custom-made ones in the market which buyers can preorder. This custom-made ones allow users to incorporate their styles on them.

There are cloisonne models, which have a characteristic glossy finish that looks like a jewelry piece. These involve a lot of expertise for them to have the glossy finish. One of the inexpensive models is the embossed model. The makers of these models use soft enamel colours, which are then transferred to the surface of the model. The metallic parts of the embossed pin have to be raised so that the colors remain intact. Manufacturers can also use some elaborate designs on the surface of the pins. These can be printed directly on the metallic surface. Some people choose to have pictures or other images on their pins.

There is also enamel ones, which come in different variations, in the market. There are hard enamel die struck and custom embossed. All these models undergo different manufacturing processes, and they are distinct from each other. However, they have the same material on the surface which is enamel. Many people know that enamel is a high quality non-flammable paint, which is as a result of mixing thoroughly ground glass with colored oxide. The brilliant look of the enamel paint is also distinctive and does not fade over time as compared to other paints. These pins are exceptionally durable because of the presence of enamel on the surface.

These ornaments have different purposes. For some people, they serve as collector's items. Some companies use them as a means of advertising. Many people use these ornaments to show their patriotism, while others give them to friends and relatives as gifts.

Custom Lapel Pins

Lapel Pins

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